Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights in Melbourne have become more advanced since the end of the 20th century. Every gay person in Australia is protected from discrimination by law. Moreover, they have the same rights and obligations under the law. Hence, Australia is known as one of the most accepted LGBT countries in the world.

With a long history of LGBT activism, Melbourne has been chosen as one of Australia’s most friendly cities and society as a whole. Hence, there isn’t any reason why a gay person won’t be treated the same in Melbourne’s adult shops.

Now, if you are looking for friendly sex shops, check our list of the best adult shops for gays in Melbourne.




How do Sex Shops in Melbourne Treat Gay People?


They are Welcoming

Every adult shop ensures that the promotional materials have gay people in it. The promotional materials have photos and words dedicated to gay people. Most of the sex shops have a separate section on their website with products for the LGBT community. Also, they have a Safe Space Policy for gay people.


They refrain from Judgement

The sex shops follow proper guidelines to make gay people feel comfortable, such as:

They provide Proper Training to the Staff

The adult shops have a proper training process for all the staff members in the following ways:

Hence, adult shops are considered a safe and supportive place for gay people, as they are not treated any differently from others.



Reasons to be Friendly with Gay People at an Adult Shop in Melbourne

There are multiple reasons behind openly welcoming gay people at your sex shop, such as:


Many adult shops are still experimenting to find out how to make their services more accessible to gay people. New possibilities and approaches are being developed in Melbourne. With more development, every sex shop would become available to each individual, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.